Friday, February 19, 2010

Helpful Tips In Eradicating Rats In Your Household

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Rats are rodents that are often found to infest houses and are one of the most irksome pests. They cause so much irritation that most people wish to eliminate them urgently. The below mentioned tips can be of much help if you want to do away with these household pests.
Eliminating rats involves laying traps with baits at places in the house, especially entry points and exits, as these are the most frequented areas by rats. Keep in mind that a rat’s spine is very flexible, allowing it to squeeze into the smallest of corners comfortably. Therefore, you need to put your traps at these small crevices and holes around your house as well.
Rat poison is another very effective rat extermination method, which is widely used in households today, but it is not advisable if you have kids or pets at your house. Another very good technique is making use of sonic devices, which are used commonly by pest control firms to expel rats from houses. But you should be careful that you have planned how to dispose off the dead rodents before you start any elimination technique.
Keep in mind that rat extermination means more than mere killing and removing the rats that are present as a fast remedy. It is also important to make sure that rats do not enter your house again, for which you should make your home virtually impregnable for any future invasions from these rodents. Though rat proofing can be quite tough, it is an effective and permanent remedy to the issue of rat attacks. You must close all exits and entrances of the house when you are not using them, and in case there is a garden, it must be kept clean to make sure that it doesn’t end up becoming a favourable habitat for rats.
Poor sanitation and the presence of garbage help rats to live in residential areas. Good sanitation will effectively restrict the number of rats that can live in and around the home. This involves effective housekeeping, correct warehousing and managing of food materials, and reject and elimination of rodent shelter. Dog pens must be properly maintained to reduce possible rat troubles. Get rid of clutter around your home. Good sanitary exercises will not eliminate rats under all circumstances, but will make the environment less desirable for them to flourish.
Hire a professional pest control company for this purpose, since they can be highly successful in properly carrying out the extermination, and they can also provide valuable guidance on how to come up with a permanent solution to the problem.
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